Types of Cabinets

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Types of Cabinets

It’s exciting to choose new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom renovation, but there are so many types that it can be really difficult to choose.

Having a large selection is great, but can be overwhelming to people who do not have a basic understanding of the types of cabinets, doors and drawers are out there.

Lower Cabinets

Lower cabinets, also called base cabinets, are solid and sturdy enough to offer a sound foundation for even the heaviest of countertops. This style of cabinet can be used to fashion the perfect kitchen island or even corner windows. In bathrooms, lower cabinets provide a foundation for vanities and can be used for storage and organization of your essential items.

Upper Cabinets

Wall cupboards, also called wall brackets or high cabinets, are hung on the wall instead of resting on the floor. This adds a beautiful and functional style to any room that needs a bit of extra storage.

Full-Height Cabinets

These cabinets are also known as pantries and storage cabinets, as they provide plenty of storage space. They are also a very stylish addition to any room that could use a sleek and appealing means of storing whatever is needed.

Cabinet Doors

The doors of your cabinets make up for most of the visual appearance, and of course you want them to fit the aesthetic of your choosing. There are many styles of central panels as well as coverings and inserts.

Cabinet Drawers

Cabinet drawers are easily the most versatile cabinets in your home. They are manufactured in several styles and varieties to meet your unique needs in terms of functionality.