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Cabinet Materials

The material used to make your doors plays a very important role in the appearance of the finished product. At Armoires Sur Mesure you can consult several different experts who can assist you in finding the right material for your functionality needs and style.

Solid Wood

We offer 25 species of wood for your cabinets, which lets you showcase the beauty of this natural material as well as your own style.


There are 26 colors and 7 façade textures available from our TSS selections. This selection also includes linear grain patterns and embossed textures.


Doors and drawers that are made of plywood resist the changes that can be seen in many other types of wood as a result of extreme climates.


Economical and durable, MDF is a fantastic substitute for solid wood doors.


You can choose between natural aluminum, stainless steel or our new polished chrome frames in combination with more than 40 different door panels.

Wood Veneer

Attractive and contemporary, our wood veneer doors are available in both domestic and international species.

Decorative Laminate Veneer

Choose between smooth or textured melamine veneers that are stable, environmentally friendly and heat-resistant.


Polyethylene doors and drawer fronts are safe, durable and can be used for residential purposes.