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We don’t only offer enclosed wardrobes. We can create the open concept that you have always wanted, while incorporating many of the same organizational options as a closed wardrobe can provide.

Custom-made wardrobes do not require much space, but they sure do create a lot of space once installed in your home. We have a wide selection at Armoires Sur Mesure that can be used to create the ideal space. We can create organizational accessories for your wardrobe to suit any need you have for your unique space.

Armoires Sur Mesure can design any kind of wardrobe that you want, whether you need some serious organization in your space or just want to add a touch of elegance to your room. If you would like to have a place in your wardrobe for a meaningful photo or inspirational quote framed to specifically match the style of your wardrobe, we can do that too. We also offer secure drawers for all of your valuables.

You don’t have to settle on sliding doors that always get stuck, or having to search through your possessions in an unorganized storage system. Our tailor-made wardrobes will make your life easier with style and elegance that can transform the ambience of an entire room. If you want to wake up to a bedroom filled with a classic ambience, or want to open an elegant pantry when you step into the kitchen in the morning, Armoires Sur Mesure has got you covered.

We always keep the style and functionality of your home in mind when our experts sit with you to design the perfect wardrobe for you. You will be involved throughout the creative process, and our experienced designers can help you to come up with ideas you’d have never dreamed of otherwise.

Quality and customer service are paramount at Armoires Sur Mesure. While we go about making sure to create the perfect atmosphere in your image, we will always be available to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable and confident about the work you receive from our team of designers, builders and technicians.