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Large Wardrobes

One of our specialties at Armoires Sur Mesure is the creation of large wardrobes, otherwise known as “walk-in” wardrobes. In any size space, big or small, we can help you to make a great wardrobe that will fulfill your need for style and functionality.

This type of wardrobe offers a lot of versatility, as they can be manufactured and designed specifically according to the space that you have to work with. Your large wardrobe can be open concept (without doors or drawers, only shelves and bars for hanging clothes) or partially enclosed with custom drawers and cabinets. Armoires Sur Mesure will provide you with the perfectly designed wardrobe to suit all of your storage needs.

Large closets aren’t just for your bedroom, either. Large wardrobes can be tailored to suit any need, such as in the creation of a pantry or a place to hang your tools in the garage. Whatever your needs are, we will produce the perfect product to fit your exact specifications.

Whatever your style, be it luxurious or rustic, simple or contemporary, Armoires Sur Mesure will create the perfect finishing touch to any room without breaking the bank or sacrificing your storage and function needs. The elegant appearances of our designs compliment any room with a tasteful and classic touch. Save time with the perfect organizational wardrobe for your clothes, tools and anything else! Every square centimeter will be utilized with style and functionality both in mind.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own beautiful wine cellar, or a safe place to keep your finer things? Armoires Sur Mesure can recreate that timeless elegance inside your home with the walk-in of your dreams.

Our expert designers will guide you through the process. Our customer service plan involves you every step of the way, collaborating with the contractor to create the ideal wardrobe for your room. It is our dream to see yours fulfilled, and the customer always comes first.