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Our Guarantee

At Armoires Sur Mesure, we offer the following guarantee:

We guarantee to the original purchaser, that custom cabinets built specifically for you will be free from manufacturing defects for as long as you own your cabinets. The warranty is non-transferable. Under this limited lifetime warranty, Armoires Sur Mesure will be responsible for repairing or replacing all damaged parts for free during the first year.

This warranty only applies to the original location and the original purchaser. After the first year, ACC will guarantee the product by supplying spare parts. The cost of work is not included after the first year. This warranty applies to all assembly equipment including hinges, drawer slides and handles. These hardware elements will be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Armoires Sur Mesure specifically selects suppliers of materials that offer a limited lifetime warranty. If a customer provides their own materials for the woodwork, they will not be covered under the warranty. We work with the supplier to obtain replacement pieces for defective parts and cover all work costs to make repairs and replacements during the first year. After this first year of warranty coverage, we will provide an exchange for all defective parts but the cost of work will not be included.


Our warranty does not apply to any products not supplied by Armoires Sur Mesure, nor does it cover cabinets that are used improperly, or are neglected or altered in any fashion. The warranty does not cover wear and tear from typical day-to-day use. Understanding the basic characteristics of wood and covering systems can help you to best understand your product and the warranty.

Characteristics of Natural Wood

Any wood product is vulnerable to the environment around it. Temperature and humidity can affect your product, causing a change in color or shifting in the wood. This must be anticipated by the customer. Any movements in the wood can result in minor cracks in the position of the joints where the two pieces of wood meet. We do not consider these movements to be a defect. To minimize the chances of this occurring, make use of environmental control measures like dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

Characteristics of Varnishes

We use a range of different varnishes to produce the most durable and attractive finish for your cabinetry. Each varnish is subject to standards in order to be considered for use.

These coatings are applied in our factory and will make your product look beautiful for many years to come, as long as it is well-maintained. Like any other finish, the longevity of the finish on your wooden cabinets depends entirely on your maintenance and routine care of your product.

Cabinets and parts that are dented, grafted or scratched through the varnish can be damaged by moisture absorption and varnish shredding. Your new cabinets are guaranteed to look flawless for one year after the date of installation. Any cosmetic aspects are covered for this year, including staining and cracking. The warranty does not apply to indirect damage suffered during the removal or installation of products or parts.

If the installation is performed by outside contractors, any resulting retouching is not covered by your warranty.